This year, with Valentine’s Day approaching, I’ve found myself missing the childhood part of it. Decorating heart-shaped sugar cookies at the class party, designing the coolest valentines box in the whole class, and signing “from, Lisa” on 32 My Little Pony valentines. So this year, I thought I’d bring back some of that creativity and share it with my friends. I made sugar cookies, red velvet cookie bars, and a little valentine for Josh. I would have made little valentines for all of you, but I’m just not that crafty, so this digital one will have to do. IMG_2115

A week or two ago, I made a batch of slice-and-bake cookies from Lauren’s Latest, but I didn’t have the patience to finish it, so I kept half the dough in the freezer. I decided I would just making regular sugar cookies out of them, but then I got the idea to make hearts out of the red dough. I played around with the placement, and ended up with this. Aren’t they adorable?


The last thing I made was Red Velvet Sugar Cookie Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting (now that’s a mouthful!) from The Recipe Critic. They didn’t turn out looking as mouth-watering as hers, (partially because I was stingy with my food coloring), but they still taste pretty good.

IMG_2109And that’s it for my goodies! Happy Valentine’s day, everyone. Go make somebody’s day better.

Love you all!

PS, one last goodie. #neverforget