Marvelous Mexican Food

Oh, man. There’s this woman named Emily in Rexburg selling a bunch of Mexican food yesterday and today, trying to make some extra cash before her baby comes. I ordered at least one of everything, and just went to pick it up about twenty minutes ago. It smells SO amazing.

I decided to buy some from her because tonight my Josh comes home! He’s been gone since Wednesday to Seattle to meet with a bunch of companies about internships. He’s working hard, but I sure do miss him. Knowing how much he LOVES his Mexican food, I thought this would be the perfect thing for him to come home to! Problem is… his flight lands much later than I’d anticipated, so I’ve got to keep this warm for about 4 hours.

This smell is going to taunt me longer than I think I can withstand. I was telling Josh earlier that I wish I had grown up in Mexico, simply so I could have learned to cook like that.

That being said, you might see some new Mexican recipes up on the blog, while I experiment my way through!


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